The Real Cost of Macon County Homelessness ≈ $700,000/yr

The Integrated Organizational Development, Inc. of Waynesville (IOD) conducted a 2014 study that was commissioned by The Commission on Homelessness of Central Florida. This study identified the Real Cost of Doing Nothing. Its purpose was to awaken many from their false belief that “out of sight — out of mind” when it came to funding homelessness initiatives. Using the Macon County Point-in-Time Homeless information for 2014 this results in approximately $700,000 in costs to Macon County.

IOD conducted a 2nd study of Best Practices in Funding for homelessness initiatives nationally to learn what could be brought back to the community.

Macon New Beginnings is using these and other resources to raise awareness of Macon County’s Homelessness Challenge.

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