Macon New Beginnings 2017 Recap

The generosity and caring of churches, businesses, government organizations, and individuals in 2017 blessed Macon New Beginnings and enabled it to serve the Macon homeless, nearly homeless, and those less fortunate.  Macon New Beginnings volunteers have witnessed God’s love and miracles first hand.

In 2017, Macon New Beginnings served 230 (a 15% increase over 2016) men, women, and 94 children via our programs: Prevention – 195; Crisis shelter – 35.  Macon New Beginnings’ Thursday night hot meal program, Serving Spoon, served over 2,156 meals.

Macon New Beginnings volunteers gave over $39,850 worth of their time and answered over 1,167 phone calls.

Thank you Macon County!

If you are interested in helping the homeless, nearly homeless and less fortunate join us in being God’s hands and feet.  For more information call 828-202-3103, visit, and like us on Facebook.


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